• Over 30 professional staff comprising civil and geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, geochemists and environmental scientists ranging from recent graduate to chartered status with over 30 years of geotechnical experience.
  • Modern fully networked IT systems incorporating quantitative risk assessment packages and databases allowing production of fully comprehensive risk assessments, drawings and cross sections.
  • Fully detailed quantitative risk assessment software packages for all major receptors, CLEA, Consim and P20 worksheets.
  • A wide range of monitoring and sampling equipment including photo ionisation detector (PID), discreet water sampler, interface meter, flame ionisation detector (FID) and mechanical Waterra pump.
  • Report production from paper to full electronic form (such as Adobe Acrobat and AGS), including drawings to A0 size.


  • Phase 1 desk top studies for due diligence, pre/post acquisition audit and ground investigation design.  Formulation of detailed conceptual site models.
  • Phase 2 scoping investigations to identify contamination issues and remediation requirements appropriate to the development.
  • Integration of data allowing ground-water profiling and production of 3D conceptual site models highlighting potential sources, pathways and receptors.
  • Supervision of ground investigations and specialist sampling of soil, ground-water and gas.
  • Ground gas monitoring via landfill gas analyser or PID for VOCs.  Ground gas sampling using Gresham or Draeger sampler.
  • Ground-water sampling using standard/point source bailer or dedicated Waterra equipment.
  • On site monitoring of pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, electrolytic conductivity, redox potential and dissolved oxygen.
  • On site analysis for TPH, PAH and heavy metals using proprietory test kits.
  • Preparation of risk assessments and reports to satisfy regulatory authorities.
  • Phase 3 design, management and supervision of appropriate remediation schemes.
  • Phase 4 scoping and supervision of ground investigations for site validation/verification post-remediation works to satisfy regulatory requirements/authorities.