June 29, 2017 by Peter Rhodes

RDG Finalist for GE 2017 Awards

Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd are proud to announce we have been nominated and are finalists in two categories of the Ground Engineering Awards 2017.  The two categories are Equipment Innovation and Health & Safety where the equipment innovation provides the site personnel on staff with additional H&S.

The nomination is for the design and manufacture of a Welfare Anywhere system.  The system utilities a hook lift low ground pressure Morooka and a groundhog unit that can be lifted on and off the Morooka and placed on the ground.  This allows RDG to provide welfare to its site personnel on remote hillsides where welfare would not be possible otherwise.  The system was put into action on Tom Nan Clach Wind farm, south of Inverness, where site works took place over the winter months.  The Welfare Anywhere system proved that it was highly useful and effective and allowed the site personnel to shelter from the elements on the hill side rather than descending the hill for breaks.  The Welfare Anywhere is equipped with a  generator to provide electricity to the unit to allow compliance with CDM welfare regulations.

The award ceremony will be held on 5th July 2017

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